I will answer TWO questions regarding college admissions

answer TWO questions regarding college admissions

About This Gig

You want to go to college in the US. Everybody is pressuring you: Counselors, parents, teachers...

You want that to stop. You want to finish with this unbearable process that is choosing the right university, the right career. But you don't really know how it all works: the admissions process, SATs, ACTs... Maybe you're an international student, or are in financial need. Things pile up REALLY FAST.

That's when I come in. For only $5, I will comprehensively answer TWO (2) of your questions, from a student perspective. I may share with you my personal stories, how I got rejected in almost every college that I applied to and how I used that knowledge to get into the my dream college. 

Do you want to go to your DREAM COLLEGE? Let me help you.

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