I will wish happy new year from vladimir putin

Ok let's see = 1)The seller was paid to deliver his order at 24 hours => NOT ONLY HE FAILED TO DO SO, BUT HE DELIVERED THE WRONG GIG !!! = Instead of Putin saying Happy New Year - Putin was saying Happy Birthday ... 2)I gave his a second chance I thought it will take a few hours ... and instead it took him 2 more days -REAL UNPROFESSIONAL TREATMENT
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Outstanding Experience!
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fantastic work! Very quick and with great quality!
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wish happy new year from vladimir putin

About This Gig

Dear comrades !
Just for 5$, extraordinary Happy New Year wish from Vladimir Putin ! 

For 5$: 
You'll get a 30 second,HD video including the headline message "Happy New Year , ___"name"___ !"
(example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O7rpZ2yviU )

Please see all my gigs for examples.

For extra gigs, I will :
- pronounce person's name
- add person's picture and 
- add funny cartoon dance with Happy New Year song
( example : http://youtu.be/nmHrxiN71jI ) 

PLEASE READ: If you would like a custom message other than Happy New Year, please message me first to find out if I can do it for you. If you do not message me first, your order will likely be cancelled.

Please contact me  first if you are planning to buy  EXTRA FAST delivery gig.