I will give you feedback on your mix and or master

give you feedback on your mix and or master

About This Gig

I will listen to your Mix / Master on four or more sound systems and take detailed notes and give you feedback on how I feel the mix / master can be improved.

Here are the sound systems I have available to reference your mix or master on:

  • Adam Audio A7x Monitors
  • M-Audio BX8a Monitors
  • AKG K553 Headphones
  • KRK KNS-5400 Headphones
  • M-Audio BX5a Monitors
  • Car Stereo System
  • Logitech Surround Sound System
  • Jambox
  • Yamaha Media Center Soundbar

I will take notes on the following topics, in addition to anything you ask me to specifically listen for:

  • Overall balance of the mix / master
  • Overall mix / master clarity
  • Overall volume
  • Noticeable trouble frequencies
  • Low-end clarity
  • Stereo image
  • Overall presence / excitement
  • Reverb / effect levels

Order Details

1 day delivery

Total Mix / Master Feedback

I will listen to your track on 4+ sound systems and give you detailed notes on the mix / master.