I will cast a LOVE Spell Using Dream Magick

cast a LOVE Spell Using Dream Magick
cast a LOVE Spell Using Dream Magick

About This Gig

Many use magick to attract love into their lives, but few know how to harness the dreamworld to work advanced spells, which are far more powerful than those done using standard "real world" magick. The rituals I create in my programmed and lucid dreams are much grander, richer, and more complex than can be accomplished in the physical world.

The best way to cast a love spell with dream magick is to set the ritual in the temple of Venus. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and romance. To assist me in the ritual, I also employ the service of 12 priestesses of Venus, who infuse the ceremony with a fantastic amount of love energy. 

This gig is for 1 Programmed Dream Ritual, which means that I will program my subconscious mind to dream of a love ritual set in the temple of Venus at Baalbek conducted in your name.

To substantially increase the power of the spell, I also offer Lucid Dream Magick booster rituals as an Extra. I will become fully lucid during the dream (meaning that I will be aware I'm dreaming and will be able to directly control the ritual). This dramatically enhances the magickal effect.

This spell can be done to attract a specific person, or simply to attract a mate.