I will give you advice on relationship and anything related

give you advice on relationship and anything related

About This Gig

Relationship is one of the most important thing as it can be said to be the basis on which life was created and has depended on, in terms "Companionship". As humans, we unintentionally centre how happy we are based on the kind of relationships we are or was in which is why most times when things go bad in a relationship it indirectly affects every other aspects of our life and vice versa. 

I am a psychologist and one of my biggest joy in life is helping people go through a tough period in their life by talking and sharing my own insight on how to make things better. Which is why i am offering my gig as a medium to discuss with you about your relationship and anything related by giving you the best advice from personal experience and other point of view. 

Send me a direct message as i'm available for a chat anytime. I await you messages

P.S: Pricing on each gig can be discussed via inbox. Thank you.

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i will chat with you for 10mins about anything you want to talk about most especially relationship

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