I will increase your ADMOB earning by increasing you rpm

increase your ADMOB earning by increasing you rpm

About This Gig

RPM is Revenue per 1000 impression, it's represent the estimated earnings you'd accrue for every 1000 impressions you receive.

this gig is very important for android developpers or people who work in reskin and 

want to increase their admob earning and who have a big trafic but their RPM is 


our team will optimize your code and integrate a smart code to increase your rpm, 

the precess is that your admob call the right  ADS that will be shown in the right 

place at the right time ( that's what we call ADMOB optimisation).

the image we integrate in our gig is a proof of our work.

our gig is just for 5 dollars, we want just help people with our experience.

we share with you our experience.

if you need our gig, the TEAM will be happy to help , just send  us your code 

source, or just your ( manifest file and main activity.java file).


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