I will give you a 30 min life coaching session for $5

/ 7 Days On Average
give you a 30 min life coaching session
give you a 30 min life coaching session

About This Gig

Hello, I'm Marco, a certified professional life and financial coach.

My main purpose is to help you identify what is REALLY important to you and hold you accountable in order to get the life you really want. I will help you to:

- Develop an inspiring vision of your the life you really want
- Gain clarity about the next step you should take in your life, business, career
- Create and implement an action plan for how to reach specific goals
- Make an important transition in your life, business or career

This is an introductory session ( by Sk-ype, CET time zone): we will examine what's going on in your life, discover what obstacles or challenges might be, develop an action plan and then stick to it! I will also explain your options for working with me on an ongoing basis.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Italian

NOTICE: you can only order this introductory coaching gig ONE TIME: for further sessions you need to buy the extra-gigs.