I will post your banner ad on my website, NY Theatre Guide

Everything went very fast and smoothly. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by rifiver about 2 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by winston007 8 months ago
Great experience. Thank you!!
Reviewed by lsantolalla 9 months ago
Great response and bonus thrown in... AAA+
Reviewed by slatenate 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by plashivranov 10 months ago
Excellent very professional. Very straightforward good communication cheers paul
Reviewed by pwnormandy 10 months ago
Good communication, extras thrown in... excellent gig
Reviewed by slatenate 11 months ago
Excellent - thank you!
Reviewed by mmlb 11 months ago
Great Job! Thank you very much
Reviewed by advertisinggig 12 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by raymond778 almost 1 year ago
Prompt action by mbeachy, much appreciated. Looks great on his site, thanks!
Reviewed by buckkar almost 1 year ago
Mark is great, thank you!
Reviewed by janky83 about 1 year ago
Delivered as promised! Hope to do business again!
Reviewed by dlindsey007 about 1 year ago
Awesome Gig! Thanks!
Reviewed by tina79 about 1 year ago
Quick and Easy. I delivered the information and he delivered as promised within 5 to 10 minutes. I will definitely do it again. Thanks Mark, David
Reviewed by noladave about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by moodley over 1 year ago
Awesome work - fast turn around and great communication. Thanks - Joe at TicketRaven.com New York
Reviewed by ticketraven over 1 year ago
post your banner ad on my website, NY Theatre Guide
post your banner ad on my website, NY Theatre Guide
post your banner ad on my website, NY Theatre Guide
post your banner ad on my website, NY Theatre Guide

About This Gig

What You Get
For $5.00 I will advertise your business on NY Theatre Guide.  Using your supplied 300x250 banner ad, it will appear on our "Middle of Post" section for 7 days. Ad will rotate with other ads. The website is responsive, which means your ad will be seen on desktop as well as mobile devices.

About NY Theatre Guide
The New York Theatre Guide is your ticket to the performing arts! Those advertisers that wish to target the New York audience should not miss this opportunity! 

Other Websites
MD Theatre Guide, PA Theatre Guide

Facebook: Over 8,500 Likes, Twitter: Over 3,500 Followers
Website: 5,000 Human Page Views Per Day, 150,000 Human Page Views Per Month

Ad Design
For $10 extra I will design an ad for you.

"Sponsors" Section. Rotating Sidebar.
For $5 extra I will post your supplied 300x250 ad on our "Sponsors" section located on our left sidebar for 7 days.  Ad will rotate with other ads.

Theatre's, performing arts schools,organizations that produce live performances, and news websites are not eligible for this special fiverr promotion.  The ad must be family friendly.

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