I will send you over 400 drum breaks and breakbeats

send you over 400 drum breaks and breakbeats

About This Gig

Do you ever have an idea for a track but can't decide what drums to use? You'll never have that problem again with These Are The Breaks.

I have personally compiled 400+ drum breaks and breakbeats from a variety of genres, including


While a lot of the classics such as "Funky Drummer" and "Amen, Brother" are included, this package focuses more on rare breaks that have never been sampled. 

I've cut and tweaked every break to make it perfect for looping and chopping. I have also EQ'd certain breaks to remove unwanted effects, but other than that, it's nothing but breaks!

Perfect for DJs, Hip-Hop producers, rappers, and breakcore producers.

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These Are The Breaks!

I'll send you 400+ rare and well-known drum breaks and breakbeats for all your Hip-Hop needs.

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