I will edit your resume for you

edit your resume for you

About This Gig

Everyone needs a resume at some point in their life. I have at various points in my career been in charge of going over resumes and worked closely with people doing so.  I have seen so many people lose out on jobs they were more than qualified for because of some very small mistake on their resume that I thought I would offer my services to help others avoid that same fate! 

I will help you make sure your resume makes sense, is grammatically correct, and I can help you improve your wording and focus your resume's content to make it more targeted to the jobs you're looking for.  Whether you're just looking for a job to pay the bills or your dream career, having that little extra help can make all the difference. 

Order Details

1 day delivery

Grammar and Spellcheck

I will do a basic edit of your resume and give feedback on how you can improve it