I will supply 20 minutes of DNA Regeneration Music

supply 20 minutes of DNA Regeneration Music

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Hi There!

Welcome to my Healing Gig.

You were created with a frequency that would have you live in PERFECT HEALTH and  WHOLENESS. This has been lost throughout the centuries and has been rediscovered in recent time. This is the whole note/ancient solfeggio/creation tone/444hz 528hz.

This music is guaranteed to restore you to health in body soul and spirit. Why not get rid of fibromyalgia, depression, cancer, sleepless nights etc? 

20 minutes of ancient solfeggio music (Gregorian Monks chants, 444hz 528hz).

 N.B. Please see my gig extra where you can purchase the Information Sheets or 22 Healing Bible verses to declare while you listen to the music.
Thank you for choosing to use my service here on Fiverr. I look forward to helping you walk in perfect health.

Be Blessed!

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