I will prophesy on you and the blessings of God will come upon you

prophesy on you and the blessings of God will come upon you

About This Gig

Prophecy is the intervention of Divinity in the affairs of Humanity.  2chronicles 20:20b say "Believe the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe his Prophet and you shall prosper." Your prosperity is not just a function of  hard work, but it is also a function of the prophetic word coming from the mouth of a Prophet.

I have a word for you, a word that will liberate  your life. a word that will cause a positive turn around in your finances. A word that will cause your testimony to manifest  quickly.

God has sent me to Bring joy and Hope to the World.  Through this ministry, the Lord has made the borrower a lender to many. Through this ministry, God has given people diverse testimonies, Through this ministry, situations that seems impossible has been made possible by God.

The grace of God upon my life is plenteous, I can manage handle up to 30 orders per days

 Order  now and have a taste of the Grace of God upon my Life and Ministry.  You are the next person to testify!

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I will prophesy on you for the blessings of God to come upon you

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