I will list and answer the FAQs of wine

list and answer the FAQs of wine
list and answer the FAQs of wine
list and answer the FAQs of wine

About This Gig

Hey there, my name is Michael. I'm a winemaker in Virginia, USA. That means I know a lot about wine, and I have a unique, very knowledgeable perspective. I work at a small boutique winery called Glass House Winery, and I also have started my own label called Monticello Wine Co.

If you purchase this gig, I'll answer all the frequently asked questions about wine that I usually get asked as a winemaker. And on top of that, if you have any more questions that I don't cover in my FAQ guide, I'll answer those too. 

I also have an online wine course that I built and continually update - It covers the history of wine, how wine is made, how to drink it, how to taste properly, how to enjoy it more thoroughly, how to buy it, and tons of other tips. I'll teach you how to wade through the snootiness that some associate with the wine industry so that you can simply enjoy your beverage! 

You can get this gig for just 5 bucks, and I'll also include my entire online wine course for free. Yes, the whole course for free, just because I thought it was a good time for a sneaky promo. Order soon, because this is a limited time offer. This is normally a $20 value, so hurry!

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