I will transcribe 10 min audio of any quality

transcribe 10 min audio of any quality

About This Gig

Hello all, My name is Yasmin :)

I have worked in various law offices which required me to spend hours transcribing fast, complicated, and often unclear words, without flaws. I am new to fiverr so I will offer 10 mins of audio transcription for 5$ with a money back guarantee if I do not meet your standards. I will try my best with the hardest of audio recordings and will not charge more for unclear audio. I will let you decide if you would want paralanguage included or excluded at no extra cost. I will not edit the transcriptions beyond that, but will always guarantee a professional transcription that is easy to edit upon receipt.

I am on my winter break from university and was trying to direct my energy for the betterment of mankind (my name literally means defender of man), but all those jobs were taken so I had to lower my standards. 

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2 days delivery 1 Revision