I will songwrite and demo a hook for your song

songwrite and demo a hook for your song

About This Gig

I will do exactly what I said on the title! Here's a sample of my work with major artist YG. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcR8SaibMc Why am I willing to do it for $5? Because I already have residual income from the music I have made and since I have a daughter now, I spend most of my time at my home studio. I like it better like that! I still have a joy and passion for music so the process is hardly work for me and I hope I can help a few of you artist out by providing the dynamic your looking for in a record. Lets work! As I said in the video though, you will not be able to use my demo to promote. You have to find someone else to re-record what I came up with. I will also send you details on what plugins and compression & eq settings I used to get my sound.

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3 days delivery