I will edit your audio book to professional standard

edit your audio book to professional standard

About This Gig

So you've got the perfect Audio Book and you want it edited for uploading to the main sites for sale. You do know they expect a very high standard, but you're not sure if its there or thereabouts.

You've come to the right place. I can take your audio and make it sparkle and output it at just the right specification so that it is accepted by all the major online retailers. I'll fix your stutters, coughs, breaths, re-reads and whatever else needs doing to make that audio just perfect.

Lets be honest - if you've spent that long putting your heart and soul into your Audio Book's content , you don't want it rejected at the last minute because of inferior sound quality do you?

Using a fully professional Pro-Tools studio and professional plug-ins I can take any audio format you care to supply and work with it. I'll also return it in any audio format you like, multiple formats if necessary at no extra cost. And the best thing? No hidden fees - $5 for 10 minutes of audio - as simple as that. You want longer? Just book another gig and we're good to go. 

I'm ready and waiting and looking forward to hearing your audio books! Lets get working!