I will edit audio for podcasts or radio broadcasts for $5

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edit audio for podcasts or radio broadcasts
edit audio for podcasts or radio broadcasts

About This Gig

For $5 I will edit up to a 15 minute podcast

For the basic gig I will delete unwanted parts, add an intro or outro you provide and deliver in any format you desire - I don't charge extra for different formats.

For an extra I'll deep scrub and remove those annoying Umms,errors and stutters (1 extra per 15 mins)

This is not the limit to my services, reach out and I'll discuss any audio project.

The time limit on this gig is up to 15 minutes of audio.  For every 15 minutes simply add another gig.  

Check my feedback below from satisfied customers - over 400 and growing all the time. 

I am happy to use any popular file sharing platform.

Its your audio and your project so I'll meet and exceed your expectations! 

There is always a monetary cost associated with outsourcing. However, there’s a time cost to not outsourcing. I have struck the balance between value and pricing.

I'm here to worry about the things that you don't have the time to! 

Please note - I reserve the right to not edit material that may be in poor taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do noise reduction?
    Yes of course - but I like to hear the audio first to advise on how successful the noise reduction might be. It can have varying degrees of success - please send me a sample, my advice is and always will be free and I'm happy to help. Please don't order noise reduction without free consultation.
  • Why is it more expensive to deep scrub or remove umms and aahs
    It takes a lot of time to do this procedure - we have to go in depth and listen to every second, and then manipulate the audio for every second to clean it up. Typically it will take 3 times the length of your audio to do a deep scrub that is of a quality we are happy to stand over.