I will write and debug your Unity scripts and games

write and debug your Unity scripts and games

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Description Small task or Bug fixing Full Assignment Starter Project
  I will fix your code or write custom scripts for small tasks I will debug and complement bigger parts of your code. I will provide you with a small custom starter scene, complete with UI elements
Delivery time 2 days 3 days 5 days

About This Gig

You could make an awesome game. You could make an inspiring story teller, an innovative level designer, the next CEO in your AAA company. You might already be an awesome artist. 

You have spent hours designing every aspect of your game in your mind, pouring over all the related games on Steam, or have this unique idea! And then then you opened Unity3D. And faced scripting. *Difficulty over 9000*

You just need a little help to get started!
We provide you with the little push you need to breath live in your games using the Unity3D engine.

We will assist you with writing and debugging your code or with starting your game. We can provide advice towards building a game from scratch and coding practices in game development. We can provide you with a starter scene or a simple user interface to navigate your game. We can help you get behind all these horrible lists and pointers. Bug fixing can be relentless, and we know about it. This is why we provide at least minimum documentation on our services. Our code is clean and understandable. 

You can focus on your ideas, or learn with us. 

Drop us a line to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you debug for VR targeted products?
    Yes, on demand and for specific headsets. We would need to assess the project first though.
  • Do you provide the assets?
    Unfortunately no. We can use specific free assets from Unity asset store upon agreement with you, or you can provide us with your own assets.