I will play with you on the ps4

play with you on the ps4
play with you on the ps4

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Description Basic package #1 Standard package #2 Standard + Top priority + more.
  2 hours of gaming + Group party chat + you'll be included in my live broadcast on twitch.tv 4 hours of gaming + Group party chat + You'll be included in my live twitch boardcast+ shoutout unlimited gaming + Group party chat + Mention in live boardcast + shoutout on tumblr/instagram.
Delivery time 4 days 3 days 2 days
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About This Gig

Hello, are you bored and looking for someone to play online with? If you are looking for a gaming partner or looking to make friends online, then you've come to the right place! I will be available throughout the week during a specific time! Please be respectfully when playing with me and other players, if they happen to join our party or game session. YOU will be BANNED or KICKED OUT if you are DISRESPECTFUL towards anyone. 


вorderlandѕ: тнe нandѕoмe collecтιon (includes borderlands 2, presequal and all dlc's)
gтa v
тoм clancy'ѕ: тнe dιvιѕιon
call oғ dυтy: ιnғιnιтe warғare
call oғ dυтy: вlacĸ opѕ ιιι

I will be getting more games in the future! :) The time chart belong is not always accrue, I sometimes get on around 5. So feel free to message me to see when I am available  

gaмιng нoυrѕ: (тнroυgнoυт тнe 7 dayѕ oғ тнe weeĸ, qυιcĸ reмιnder
ι aм ғroм eaѕтern ѕтranded тιмe)

мon     8pм - 10pм
тυeѕ    8pм - 10pм
wed     8pм - 10pм
тнυrѕ   8pм - 10pм
ғrιday  5pм - 12aм
ѕaт     5pм - 12aм
ѕυn    4pм - 10pм

reмιnder: pleaѕe мeѕѕage мe вeғore orderιng тнιѕ gιg! 
тнanĸ yoυ and нave a wonderғυl day! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your timezone?
    Eastern Standard Time
  • Can we chat with you in a group party/party?
    Yes you can/may join my party when I invite you.
  • Do you have other PlayStation games?
    Other than the games listed, I have Fallout 4, Skyrim The Elder Scroll V: Special Edition, Dragon Quest Hero's, and I plan to get more games in the future.
  • Can we add you as a friend or is it strictly business?
    You may ONLY add me as a friend if you, my boyfriend and I get along, continue to do business with me, a respectful/friendly person.
  • Can we request a specific time to play online with you?
    Yes, you may message me and ask me if the time you are available is a good time for me as well.
  • How long can we play online together?
    Depending on what package deal you decide, determines how long we will play online for.