I will provide a listening ear for a problem and give advice

provide a listening ear for a problem and give advice
provide a listening ear for a problem and give advice

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  I will Skype with you for 10 minutes, where you may bring to light any issue you are facing. For those who need more than 10 mins. I will Skype with you for 20 mins about any issue. I will Skype with you for 1-2 hours about any issue you may have.
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About This Gig

You may speak with me about anything in your life that is causing you grief. I do take this very seriously, nothing you say to me will be repeated (unless it is something like murder). It is important to me that you know you and your conversation with me will stay confidential. I do not offend easily, so using profanity is not a problem. 
I will listen intently and offer advice, if it is wanted. If you prefer me to not ask any questions or offer any advice, that is perfectly acceptable. Please let me know in the beginning of the Skype call and I will simply listen. If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me and I will answer as quickly as I am able.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my information or conversation be shared.
    No. Absolutely not. (Again unless it is about murder)
  • Will my conversation be heard by anyone while it is happening.
    No, I have a very private room in my house where I conduct any business. There is no one present but myself.
  • Can I really talk about anything?
    Yes. The only thing off limits is the murder of someone else. I don't mind speaking about a sexual problem, as long as its not solicitation toward me. The use of profanity does not bother me.