I will do POWERFUL Keyword Research within 24 hours

do POWERFUL Keyword Research within 24 hours

About This Gig

Dear Buyers,

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I have been in the CPA marketing business for 2-3 years. I run mainly Paid Traffic and those requires me to get PRECISE and EFFECTIVE keywords to convert into sales/leads for me. I am also a writer for my eBook on CPA Marketing.

Which leads us here, do you want POWERFUL and COMPETITIVE KWs? Look no further. Optimize your online Campaigns now.

**If you have a bulk batch of niches that you want keyword research on, there is bulk discount. Message me to ask more!**

What you will receive in a Basic Gig:

1. TARGETED KWs relevant to your niche in an excel spreadsheet format. 
(You will receive as many keywords as closely related as possible.)

2. Average monthly searches.

3. Search volume.

4. Delivered within 24 hours. 

5. Geotargeted.

Did I mention that I can get you the KWs in any language you prefer? Don't be intimidated by language barrier and lose an opportunity.

For Gig Extras:

1. Domains/Destination URLs for your campaign needs. ($5)

2. Superb speed! Delivered within 12 hours. ($5)