I will send you Divine HEALING energy from the Angels

Thank you Michelle for your assistance and help in my times of need. I also thank all The Guardians and God's warriors, protectors of the innocent and the defenseless in this world. Thanks to all the good priests, priestesses and shamans that help mankind. May God keep you all and bless you always.
Reviewed by rollingtonfar 4 months ago
Thank you Meichelle for your healing and prayers. Much appreciated, as always. Clare
Reviewed by clare4 6 months ago
Reviewed by nlacoss 11 months ago
Reviewed by jolene10 12 months ago
Wonderful experience, highly recommend!
Reviewed by rebeccadixon876 about 1 year ago
Outstanding as always...:)
Reviewed by fingili about 1 year ago
Excellent! Thank you so much Meichelle. This is very comforting for me and Iove the angel prayers. You're providing a great service for people.
Reviewed by nicolesorkin about 1 year ago
Thank you Meichelle, I need your help so much for my little Tammy <3
Reviewed by angelfire4xx over 1 year ago
Nice Experience..
Reviewed by person1980 over 1 year ago
i want this lady to get her level status as top rated seller. <3 she is just amazing and real psychic. i just love her work .. <3 just awesome meichelle you are the best .. <3
Reviewed by namratatyagi over 1 year ago
send you Divine HEALING energy from the Angels

About This Gig

Angels are always around us! As a Professional Psychic Medium and Certified Spiritual Counselor along with being a Master Reiki Practitioner, let me help you through my life-changing, deep healing inspired technique that focuses on the power of The Universe and The Angels. This is an unique experience and one of a kind, with the help of our Angels and the creative forces of love, prayer, energy, emotions and feelings. This Angel blessing creates paramount health and healing using natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love from The Angels and Spirit to create instantaneous emotional and physical healing. Upon receiving your request, you will feel light, refreshed and illuminated with Divine Love. As a Professional MetaSpiritual Counselor and Psychic Medium, Reiki Practioner in my 9 to 5 day, my sessions range up into $150 per session. This is an amazing chance to receive that in which you need for very minimal pricing. Let me work with and for you for this very special opportunity to receive this very special offer.