I will restore your old photo for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
restore your old photo
restore your old photo

About This Gig

I'll be glad to fix your old photographies for you to keep them forever in good conditions!

I only need you to scan the photo(s) you want me to fix, and you'll receive it back "healed" in .jpeg.

You will be able to keep it digitaly and even print it again.


Basic: Small cracks, stains and other imperfections.  Improvement of the quality of the photo => 5$

Advance (EXTRA GIG): Very damaged photographies, with more cracks and imperfections which don't allow to see the picture properly anymore, more difficult to repair (like the one in the picture I uploaded), or other kind of  restoring work. => $10

ATTENTION: This offer is not applied for blurry photos or with other imperfections due to the camera.