I will provide CAT advice with a tarot card reading

Lol. Thank you. A very sweet reading about my 2 kitties. Seemed pretty accurate about their personalities and the needs that I perceived that they had as well. Kinda interesting to get into the mind of a cat. lol. Thank you, this service was enjoyed.
Reviewed by unzagafamily1 almost 3 years ago
provide CAT advice with a tarot card reading
provide CAT advice with a tarot card reading
provide CAT advice with a tarot card reading

About This Gig

Look at her face, isn't she adorable? Wouldn't you just do anything for your cat? Do you have a question about your cat's happiness? Your cat deserves the best. Let the tarot cards fall where they may. Your cat may intercept them first, before I can do a proper reading!

Will he stay healthy and live a long life? Is she happy with that toy you bought her? Does he like that new cat food? Does your cat want to sleep on your bed? Is your cat happy living with you? Is he missing his last owner and not happy in his new home?

Let me do a three card tarot card reading. I can answer questions about your cat's PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. I don't claim to be a psychic, so this is mainly a fun way to have a tarot card reading for your cat. I've had cats my entire life, so I'll do my best to provide cat advice when required. 

This is also a great idea that can be printed out and added to your pet's scrapbook album.

I'll need your cat's full name, birthdate or approximation, and a question. You will receive a 600 word tarot card deck reading .docx file, (other formats available), with advice and answers about your cat's PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. Plus, a photo of the card layout.

Order Details

4 days delivery

Tarot Card Deck Reading for a Cat

Receive a 600 word tarot card deck reading with advice for your cat. Plus, a photo of card layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't know my cat's birthdate?
    It's not necessary, but if you have an approximation, that would be purrfect.
  • Can I order this as a gift for my friend who loves cats?
    Yes, you can! Purrhaps you can ask your friend some information about their cat and purrvide it to me.
  • Do you purrvide readings for the relationship between a cat owner and their cat?
    Yes, I can do that too. Please specify details when you order.