I will write a 400 word time travel short story

write a 400 word time travel short story

About This Gig

Travel to far away places, and times of the past. A time travel short story can be a blend of science fiction and history, with plenty of cool gadgets, time travel machines, and villains. Think Jules Verne, Doctor Who, or Continuum, with a twist! 

I'll write you and your friends into an action-filled time travel tale, complete with a time travel machine, gadgets, and companions.

I'm THE author to write your time travel short story, as I have many professionally published short stories in anthologies, and online, as well as several other published science fiction stories as well.

If you'd like me to customize your story, please include details with up to three names, as a well as a specific location, such as a business, school, event, etc.

I'll also help you out with scripts for product campaigns, video and card games, apps, comic books, and more.

I may write more than 500 words, if your friends get stuck in a really tricky situation!