I will write a scary 400 word Halloween short story

write a scary 400 word Halloween short story

About This Gig

Ghosts, witches, and goblins everywhere! You're in for a great big scare! Have you ever walked through a graveyard at night and felt something brush against your arm, but there wasn't anything there? Halloween is coming, and along with it, a bunch of spooky characters. Think ephemeral ghosts, poltergeists, haunted houses, pumpkins, black cats, and bats.

I'll write you and your friends into an action-filled Halloween tale, complete with haunted house, mysterious apparitions, pumpkins, candy, and black cats.

I'm THE author to write your Halloween short story, as I have several professionally published short stories in anthologies, and e-books. And that doesn't include the tons of orders I've gotten on Fiverr in my Steampunk, Ghost, and Zombie gigs.

It's not necessary, but if you'd like me to customize your story, please include details with up to three names, as a well as a specific location, such as a gothic mansion, graveyard, or tomb. Otherwise, I'll write a regular short story for you.

I'll also help you out with scripts for comics, product campaigns, video and card games, apps, and more.

I may write more than 400 words if your friends get stuck in a really scary situation!