I will show you Singapore from local eyes

show you Singapore from local eyes

About This Gig

If you are coming to Singapore for the very first time and wish to have a travel experience apart from what all the guidebooks have informed you of Singapore, I can make that possible for you.

Take note that this one day itinerary is strongly recommended for the unconventional traveller who will not pay exhorbitant entrance fees for tourist attractions, has no intentions for shopping or contributing to the local economy, does not care where he/she dines at or what he/she eats as long as it is edible, and who appreciates nature and the outdoors anytime over air-conditioned malls or rooms.

The theme-based itinerary will include a list of recommended places to satisfy your mind, heart and stomach. It will include clear directions from the location of your accommodation in Singapore, and will mention any possible costings for you to better plan your budget.

If you require more than a day's itinerary or are a conventional traveller with your own ideas of what you want to see or do, feel free to pick the option for Customised Itinerary so that we can explore and discuss your travel needs, expectations and preferences, so I may do my best to tailor fit an itinerary for you too.

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