I will create a customised meal plan with a shopping list

create a customised meal plan with a shopping list

About This Gig

I can create you a customised meal plan for weight loss, weight maintenance or muscle building.

Plans can be tailored to suit a specified daily budget and your desired level of complexity for the meals, whether they be simple, moderate or complex.

Meal plans can also be customised to suit a range of dietary needs such as Paleo, gluten free and vegan or just to exclude any particular foods you don't like.

All plans provide details for main meals and snacks, anywhere from 1 to 9 meals per day based on your desired eating regime. 
Plans also include daily calorie totals as well as overall protein, carbohydrate and fat values.

Details for each meal includes calories and a breakdown of protein, carbohydrate and fat content. Specific measurements for all meal ingredients and directions for each meal preparation are also included.

For added convenience, a complete categorised shopping list of all ingredients required for the meal plan is also provided.

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