I will give you a 1 hour voice lesson

give you a 1 hour voice lesson

About This Gig

When I mention to people that I am a singer, the most common response I get is "I wish I could sing". They believe that because they don't sound like the people they hear on the radio or on stages, they don't have any hope. However, singing is just like any other skill. With some guidance and a little bit of work, anyone can carry a tune. 

If you purchase this gig, I will provide you with a 1 hour personalized vocal lesson over Skype. During this lesson, I will lead you through a brief but thorough warm-up, hear you sing, and assess any potential things to work on. Then I will lead you through exercises to help correct any errors and really make your voice shine. 

If you purchase the extra Lesson Plan, I will e-mail you a personalized lesson plan after our session. This lesson plan will include the things we went over in the lesson, additional warm-ups for you, and advice on how to really make your voice shine.


  • Vocal performer for 12+ years
  • Music theory & performance student for 10 years
  • Currently studying Music Education, on track to teach Music Theory & Vocal Performance for K-12 students

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The Standard

1 hour basic lesson. Warm-up, go over problem areas, iron out wrinkles.

1 day delivery