I will put together any outfit you want

put together any outfit you want

About This Gig

Sometimes shopping is difficult because you'll find pieces from several different stores, but you have a hard time imagining whether they would complement each other. Girl like me will make it very easy to decide what you do and do not need, or what will and will not match. Not only do you get to pull in designs from multiple brand names, from tops to shoes, and even makeup colors, but you can get others feedback, too.

- You need to send me a picture of yourself.
- Tell me what kind of style you want.
- You need to tell me for w
hich opportunity you need.
- You need to tell me the price you want to spend.

What I will do:
- Make a short review of your current style.
- Search on the internet pieces and put them together.
- I will  tell you what style fits you
- I will deliver you links
- You will have my 24/7 support