I will send you 100 origami lucky stars

send you 100 origami lucky stars
send you 100 origami lucky stars

About This Gig

Do you love origami?

I will make you multicolored origami lucky stars or washi chiyogami origami lucky stars.

This is the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Cute craft kits, art projects, perfect for party favors, crafting parties, and more. 

Purchase 100 or more and I will send you a few extra strips so you can create stars yourself. You can even teach your kids how to make them and keep them entertained!. I will also include instructions on how to make them. It's so much fun!

Cultural Significance: These stars that are folded and handmade, are used as gifts, mostly between couples, to signify how much you love or care about someone. The amount of stars that you give someone has significance as well. If you’re not giving the stars as a gift of love, then the stars can be used to make a wish. If you make 100 or 1,000, it is said that you can make a wish.  They are circulated between couples, and friends, and given as gifts. The simple folded paper star is given a deeper meaning, something which I doubt anyone who gives the stars as gifts fully believes in, but nonetheless wants to tell someone something with them.

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