I will promote your medical marijuana business to 1million viewers

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promote your medical marijuana business to 1million viewers
promote your medical marijuana business to 1million viewers
promote your medical marijuana business to 1million viewers
promote your medical marijuana business to 1million viewers

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Description Small Banner Ad For 1 week usa Custom made banner ad or your own Advertising for 2 weeks!
  1 banner ad on our site, 16000 unique visitors medical marijuana industry Banner or nice ad on our site for 1 week, 8-16000unique visitors, 159 000 doctors and patients USA Custom banner on our 2 sites, one entire month! Revisions over 1 million viewers USA
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About This Gig

REACH THOUSANDS A DAY, 1million cannabis industries, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Potential Patients and Visitors
  • Boost your site, or get business from our physician owned company with an excellent reputation in the field
  • Take advanatge of our national PR Firm who will have news breaking stories on every major news outlet
  • Have a blog posted about your company if you let us know you want a custom order 
  • Reach potential patients and doctors 
  • Largest database in the industry to target this market 

Advertise with us Short or Long Term ! Long term preferred 
conyavcy for media kit to ne on The Cannabis Trporter, interviewed and in podcast plus newsletter feature for $1995

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a USA Site?
    Yes. Compaassionaatecertificationcenters.com is a physician owned and operated site in the USA Our traffic, visitors and market is to USA Medical Marijuana customers, businesses, investors and patients
  • I don't have an ad, can you make me one?
    Yes, please send your logo and wording, we will make your ad and have it on our site ain no time. We have over 568,000 subscribers, 923,000 patients and physicians must log in daily and patient memberships too.
  • Who is your target market?
    Any of the legalized mediclcal marijuana states in the USA, there are 26. We can work with international businesses but they need to be able to ship or have an event going on we can advertise. We also have aa convention center site where 8000 people will buy tickets to you can sponsor.
  • Where are you located?
    We work out of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Arizona in the USA. We are a doctor owned organization looking to expand our online advertising.
  • Why advertise with us?
    We have an excellent reputation and are looking to cover our advertising costs through some select sales on this site for a limited time.
  • What kind of results will I see?
    Each ad varies, we like to try different ads, and you are welcome to contact us to advertise long term or change your message. You can also get on our weekly newsletters.
  • Can I advertise long term with your company?
    Yes, you can pre-pay for the year or work with us on a short term basis, we are very flexible.
  • Are you hosting any events that are world wide or international?
    Yes, we are hosting the World Medical Marijuaanaa Convention in Pittsburgh. PA in April 21-22 and more information on this can be found on our website for our convention at www.cccregister.com You are also welcome to attend!
  • Are discounts available?
    Yes, long term advertisers work with our graphic designer, ccustomiize your ad, the page you want to be on (members or doctors) then we give you a discount and you get a discount to attend the World Congress for Medical Marijuanaa Business Expo and educational event.