I will tweet your message for 30 Days

tweet your message for 30 Days
tweet your message for 30 Days

About This Gig

A Drip feed is a Marketing Tactic - used for decades.  Normally a message has to be seen at least 7 times before someone acts on it.  Coke is #1 because of saturation advertising. What about you?

My twitter accounts have been in use for years. REAL people who are active.  My fans are interested in books, publishing, marketing, how to sell, Internet Marketing, websites, Wordpress, social media and more. If you are unsure, feel free to contact me.


My followers are mainly from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia & New Zealand. 

Basic $5 gig gives you 1 tweet per day for 30-days to 10,000 followers.  With the extras you can get up to 170,000.


Your tweets will be spread out over several time zones.  The bigger the folllower numbers, the more time zones I can cover.


I can rotate up to five messages.  IF your message (including the shortened URL) is under 100 characters, I can include an image.


If you give me your message plus the URL … I will shorten the URL for you.  A shortened URL takes 22 spaces … so  your counts (letters, spaces, punctuation) should be under 115 to be safe.


I DO NOT accept porn, gambling, hate, instant get rich promises, OR pay-day loans.