I will perform a Deep Movie Trailer Style Voice

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perform a Deep Movie Trailer Style Voice
perform a Deep Movie Trailer Style Voice

About This Gig

I will perform a “Deep Movie Trailer Style” voice in a neutral American or English accent (or other accent as directed). DUE TO MY PRESENT HECTIC WORK SCHEDULE, I AM UNABLE TO ACCEPT ORDERS OVER 150 WORDS.

Ask me if you’d like a different style of voice to the one in the video.

The voices I have here on Fiverr represent a very small percentage of the voices I perform! - Just ask if you need any other kind of character!

I won't just read the words on the page; I'll immerse myself in the body of your work and bring the piece alive - at $10 for up to 150 words.

Unless you ask for another format, audio will be mp3.

I am purely a Voice Actor and do not produce video, make films or use any music or sound effects.

Mel Shiner

Order Details

7 days delivery

Deep Movie Trailer Voice

Up to 150 words in the Deep Movie Trailer Voice!

  • Script Proofreading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many character voices can you perform?
    A good number! Many of my clients send me a sample of what they need and want something similar, I’m open to trying any kind of character, just ask.
  • I’d like you to mix your voice with music, can you do this?
    No, I don’t handle music as I do not have the appropriate licenses, I cannot handle music even if you tell me it is music performed by yourself. I am purely a voice actor.
  • I need some sound effects with your voice can you do this?
    I don’t handle sound effects in any capacity whether they have been supplied by you or someone else; again it is a licensing issue. Everything I supply is my own work.
  • Do you create gigs featuring more than one character voice?
    I do this regularly, the number of characters and the time it takes to work on something like this will be reflected in the price of the gig.
  • I have a video for which I need a voice can you mix your voice and the video?
    I don’t handle video production but I can perform voices to a given time so you can mix it with your video.
  • What is the fastest you can deliver an order?
    Even a short script may need me to ask you something about pronunciation etc. If someone asks for a short delivery time and doesn’t reply to my queries until the last moment, time runs out and my reputation takes a knock! Send me the script with your initial query and it’ll give me an idea of time.
  • Do you supply samples and auditions?
    I’ll be happy to send you a short sample but not from your script, it may be a good idea to send me a link to something similar; I’ll do my best to sound the same – even with a different accent. If you don’t think it’s what you’re really looking for, it’s fine.
  • I’ll need you to sign up to a website to see the kind of thing I need, are you OK with this?
    I don’t sign up to anything, otherwise there would be no room left on my systems!
  • I will need an agreement signed by you to say you will not use my material for other purposes, is this OK?
    I cannot physically sign agreements as communication is only through the Fiverr website. If I want to use something originating from a client (which is very rare) I will ask you through Fiverr. If you would like written assurance from me through Fiverr about your work, it will be fine.
  • How many reviews / modifications will you do?
    I don’t have a limit on modifications providing the client is reasonable. A simple change of mind or unexpected additions to the script is unfair on me. Shorter scripts are not such a problem. Double check your script and directions before you place an order.