I will assess the quality of a document written in French

assess the quality of a document written in French

About This Gig

You have a document in French but you are not sure of its level because you don't speak the language?
Don't worry. Send me a file (or an significant extract) and I will write a report that will help you know if it has been written in a proper French.

This gig is extra helpful to help you make a decision:
- Should you have it translated again?
- Should you hire this translator or find a new one?
- Should you have it rewritten because the style is a little weak?
- Should you have it proofread?
- Does the style match yours?

In my experience on fiverr, all of these situations are very likely to happen, so spending a little money to assess the quality of a file can save you a lot more.

Situations when it's important to check a translation:
- Sending your novel to a publisher;
- Translating a website;
- Printing a pamphlet;
- and many more...

How I work:
- One file (max. 1000 words, different translators, separate gigs);
- A written report with a short analysis, maybe some examples and my recommendation;
- If there are several translators, I will rank them.

To consider after this: please check my proofreading and translation gigs, or ask for a custom offer

Order Details

Assessment of a document in French

You need to make sure the level of French in a document is good

  • Up to 1000 Words
3 days delivery