I will help with a fear or phobia

help with a fear or phobia

About This Gig

I have worked for over 30 years as a magician & hypnotist.
*I am NOT a doctor & have no medical qualifications what so ever.*

Fears & phobias can be debilitating & stop us dead in our tracks, they can vary widely in specificness & weirdness, & even though we sometimes know that our phobia is totally irrational, it doesn't help.
You won't have a phobia i haven't dealt with. 

Over the years i have worked using different techniques & tactics, to help cure fears & phobias..
Some people, roughly 5% can't be totally cured, but everyone can be helped to make it manageable.

Now this isn't going to happen for $5..

You will get an initial assessment, and a chance to get to know you, & the severity of your phobia.
I deal more with the person, not the fear.
This is vital in moving forward.

Then once we establish the severity & the fear i will provide trusted tips & tricks to help combat your phobias.
I will remain committed for one week with communication daily.

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