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make your product description sing

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  This gives you one description (roughly 100 words or less). This package gives you one description of about 200 words. This package buys you one 400-word description.
Words Included (Per product)
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100 200 400
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About This Gig

You have something to sell. Maybe it's a useful new product, maybe it's a breathtaking piece of art, maybe it's a service that you're uniquely good at providing. You're ready to change the world, or at least make a little money from something that would make your customer's day a little more pleasant. But where are all those customers hiding?

Well, if your business is online, they're probably hiding behind the chunk of text that's supposed to tell them what you're selling and why they'll want to buy it. And if that text is unclear, incomplete, or just made of English that's awkward or difficult to read, they're not likely to come out of hiding and hand you money. 

That's where my work begins. You tell me what you want your customers to know about your product and/or service, and I'll write a description that shows all the best qualities of that product/service to your customers. I'm also completely open to talking about what tone you want to take, what words you want to use, and whatever other revisions you can think of. (Mini-FAQ: One basic gig covers one description of 100 words or less. If you want more words, descriptions, etc., message me.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do you need me to provide?
    Just tell me what you want your customers to know (specs, what it looks like, what it does, that sort of thing). It also helps if you tell me what you'd like your customers to think of when they see your product, whether it's an easy gift option or a luxurious afternoon at the beach.
  • Can't I just buy one description and split up the word count between a bunch of products?
    Not if you buy a package straight from this page- I don't want to split my time and attention between multiple products when I only offered to do one. But if you send me a message saying "Hey, this is what I need. Can you make me a custom package?," I'll be happy to see what I can do for you.
  • I don't see competitor/product research listed as extras. Does that mean you don't do them?
    Not at all! I usually check out at least one or two competitors a job (because I want to give you something better than what they've got on their site), and I'll make an effort to learn about your product until I understand it well enough to write something satisfying. That part's free.
  • Are there any products you won't write about?
    I'm not particularly good at describing food, adult toys, or complicated networking technology. Also, please don't ask me to write about scams, political paraphernalia, or anything associated with religious extremism (most religion-based products are OK, but if in doubt, please ask me).
  • Will you write anything else?
    I've also written brief blog entries and rewritten website text, so if you need copywriting services that fall outside the product description category, please feel free to send me a message!
  • Can I pay you to do my homework/write me a review/do something else that's at least borderline illegal?
    No. But I hope you have a nice day.
  • What's your policy on revisions?
    You get one free revision. I prefer to deliver perfection every time, but mistakes do happen, and if I've made a typo or misunderstood an instruction, I'd like the chance to fix it. However, any revisions you ask for must fit with your pre-delivery instructions- don't add new ones after delivery!