I will create cool stopmotion intro

great job, I truly like it
Reviewed by tom_iomaa about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by modatt about 1 year ago
memoto28 went above and beyond what I expected.
Reviewed by modatt about 1 year ago
Awesome job, great communication! Got completed quickly!
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jasongitar over 2 years ago
So very talented!!! Thank you!
Reviewed by karenkellybrown almost 3 years ago
Many delays, and did not follow directions, (total 4 Gigs) seller delivered a low res MP4. The gig called for an edited HD MOV file , (extra 2 gigs), I asked for the HD version, instead, Seller delivered an unedited version, and claimed- "I´ve made my best for the enough time I´ve had... Dawny"
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Great, thanks!
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Reviewed by karenkellybrown about 4 years ago
Quick turnaround and great communication!
Reviewed by kmenzie about 4 years ago
Reviewed by wemetbefore about 4 years ago
Wooww.. I am amazed!! You are extremely talented ;) Thank you very much for this sweet masterpiece... This is even better than what I have expected Dawny.. Regards S.
Reviewed by zafri84 over 4 years ago
fun, thank you.
Reviewed by mortogsus over 4 years ago
So fun! I've made stop motion videos before and know how tough they can be. Thanks so much!
Reviewed by cubicleninjas over 4 years ago
Very cute! Thank you :)
Reviewed by kristaconwayca over 4 years ago
This was 150% perfect and EXACTLY what I wanted!! By far one of the BEST experiences I've had on Fiverr! Thank you so much, you did an absolutely terrific job! You are very talented, and I will certainly come back to you if I need anything in the future! :)
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Thank you so much!
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Thumbs up
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create cool stopmotion intro
create cool stopmotion intro

About This Gig

Welcome to stop motion intro gig!
What is stop motion? is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object or persona appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Dolls with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Stop motion animation using plasticine is called clay animation or "clay-mation"
For 5 bucks ( you will get the either the Fiverr with the green circle with white letters or like the Happy Birthday Pink Cubes without any soundtrack backgrounds.All finish videos will be send via MP4 files.)
Please be noted that all characters are maximum 10 per 5 dollar order.
For extra gig
Please check the extra gig area to know further what services I do offer
NOTE:We all know that stop motion is a very difficult work to do so make sure all letters are correct before ordering since I will only offer redo when I make the mistake.