I will deliver a 150 200 words master spin article

deliver a 150 200 words master spin article
deliver a 150 200 words master spin article

About This Gig

What is a master spin? 
The Master spin contains a spin syntax that allows you to use the same content several times with a different output. Each article will have the same theme but the content would be unique.

Why my spinned content is better?
I use a wonderful French tool for myself (paid secret tool) that allows complex and polymorph readable spin article. In short it can different length, different order in the sentences + replacing words.  It is a complex tool with SQL databases.

Where to use spinned content?

If you use GSA tools, Scrapebox or you have PNB,or you have to input different description (directories, products....), it may help you.

What languages do I offer?

English isn't my primary language, so I can write but don't expect a super Grammar or Vocabulary. French and Japanese are our native languages. For Japanese 150 mojis.

How many pinned articles can I get ?
It takes time to write the different scenarii (where the text have to change, where the permutation will occur -> check image) and more complex is the the spin. You will get a master spin at least 2-3 versions readable 150-200 words. 

Why not more? 
Because to get this result I have to write it several times.