I will handwrite up to 2 Japanese kanjis

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handwrite up to 2 Japanese kanjis

About This Gig

Kanjis are Japanese characters that are closed or similar to Traditional Chinese characters.
In Japan, the art of handwriting kanjis is called Shodô, in other word the "path of writing".
For Japanese Shodô masters, writing carries more than the meaning of the characters themselves, they embody also the spirituality of the words and the spirituality of the writer while showing his mastery .
I am not a master but as a Japanese, I studied Shodô and I like to write kanjis - even if I feel I am not the best at it :)
I usually impress my western friends with that !

But it is also quite cool ! It can be useful if you want to include them into a logo, a website that target Japan or its culture, or to make a tatoo.

As Yuka who got calligraphy lessons when she was younger to get nice designs - that can be used for tattoos too.

I offer you to get this handwriting vectorized (two kanjis per gig)

Vous recherchez des kanjis ou caractères chinois écrits à la main pour votre site Internet, une illustration ou un tatouage ?
Nous vous offrons ici 2 KANJIS écrits à la main et vecorisés (format informatique)