I will translate 250 words from french to japanese

translate 250 words from french to japanese

About This Gig

Need an help with a French to Japanese translation  ?

We can help you through !
For 5$ we translate 250 words - no technical or legal document - from French to Japanese or English to Japanese. 

Note :
1 - We do not do review gig type (ie. writing and posting a fake review).
But we can do a review about something we can review :) (at least write about it)
2- As you can see we changed the number of words (500 -> 250). Why ? According to our recent experiences, some customers were fair enough but many tried to enjoy our low rate a little bit too much. Like "Let's do 650 750 words for 500" : sorry boys our rate was already low. Check the 100 or 150 words for $5 gigs.
3- For big projects (thousands of words) you can contact us, but we will give you a quotation. You can test us here.