I will write SEO articles in Japanese of 200 250 kanji

write SEO articles in Japanese of 200 250 kanji

About This Gig

Do your business, website, blog or app target the Japanese market ?

Ask a native to deliver the good article for your SEO purpose !
250 characters or kanji is a minimal length for such article.
You can then post on a blog, as article or comment.
  • We can also write blog post, email, sales material, ...
  • Yuka will be delighted to do the job ! As an engineer, she is also able to write technical notes.

For more see the extra.
For longer work, ask us before ordering please !

Note : We do not do review gig type (ie. writing and posting a fake review).
But we can do a review about something we can review :) (at least write it)



Besoin de contenu(s) ou d'articles en Japonais ?
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