I will record a hyped and enthusiastic male voice over

Excellent voice over. It will us look very professional.
Reviewed by sbeauchesne over 1 year ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by presisehalley over 1 year ago
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Excelent quality and very professional workflow. Definitely will come back for more voiceovers!
Reviewed by pigglet17 over 1 year ago
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Reviewed by esbes over 2 years ago
record a hyped and enthusiastic male voice over
record a hyped and enthusiastic male voice over

About This Gig

For just five dollars, I will create a professional sounding voice over, presented with lots of hype and enthusiasm, of your script - up to 100 words in length!

Simply click the 'order now' button and submit your script, and I will deliver to you a high-quality voice over (in MP3 format) created on my studio equipment! (WAV or AIFF formats available upon request)

I post-process my recordings, making for a more professional and polished sounding final product.

If you have a longer script (over 100 words), you can order gig multiples (up to 8 at once), or by ordering the appropriate extras.

IMPORTANT: A great sounding voice over, requires a well written script! If English isn't your first language, or if you aren't quite sure that your script is completely solid, I strongly recommend you message me your script before ordering to to see if your script might need work! (And I'll provide a quote)

Message me with any questions you may have!

Be sure to check out my other HIGHLY RATED and WELL REVIEWED gigs!

Note: This gig doesn't include synching my recorded audio to existing video, so please don't send/link me your videos!