I will put your database on the web

put your database on the web

About This Gig

Do you have a database that you would like to share/maintain/access using a web browser ?

If so, I can create the web user interface for you. Your database will be converted to (web standard) mysql format and it will be accessible via any browser. 

Everything will run under the xataface framework, mysql and php, which means that further customization is also possible. 

This gig is offered for a db with a single table with up to 10 fields. Obviously, multiple tables and relationships are supported. If you are satisfied with the initial work, additional features can be added to the system at any time for a fee and time scope we will agree.

If the project will run on your webserver I will need appropriate access to it or you will install the data files that I will send you. Either way I can help you with the installation. Multi language support available on the interface.

All tests/demos will run on my linux server. You data will be expunged after completion of the tests/demos. Complete confidentiality will be kept at all times.

I am sorry, I will not do your school assignment. I will gladly offer suggestions as time allows.

*Please* do not place orders before we discuss your requirements.