I will write a Speech That Could Change the World

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write a Speech That Could Change the World

About This Gig

 Abe Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Lou Gehrig,  and Theodore Roosevelt are all people that have moved and impacted the world with their speeches, captivating their audience with every word spoken while evoking: change, awareness and patriotism. Each of these dynamic speeches were written by a dynamic speech writer. Let me use my experience in public speaking, politics and journalism to write your next  dynamic and world changing speech.

If your losing sleep at night deciding what you are going to say in your speech, dont worry, and  let me handle it.  Let me write a speech that will wow your audience leaving a lasting impact on each and everyone of them. 

$5 will get you a 200 word speech
I have ownership of all the speeches I write. Rights are available for purchase.