I will compose a chiptune style track for you

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compose a chiptune style track for you
compose a chiptune style track for you
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About This Gig

Hey, I'm Matthew and I love writing music. I've been on a huge chiptune binge and I'd love to make some chiptune music for anyone who'd like some. It keeps me working and it keeps you in bleeps and bloops.

It can be anything ranging from authentic Castlevania style 8-bit stuff to more hybrid dance or rock stuff such as Anamanaguchi. Just let me know what sort of stuff you'd like, what you're using it for, and I'll come back to you with some ideas.

One gig gets you 20 seconds of music, loopable or not at your choice; to have any longer tracks, contact me directly and we can discuss the sort of thing you'd like.

In a standard gig purchase, I retain the copyright to all work and several licenses are granted for use of the work. Please see the attached PDF above for details of copyright and usage.