I will say anything you want in my English accent

say anything you want in my English accent

About This Gig

Alright, I'm southern English bloke from a cockney family who will audio record anything you want me to say. I can emphasise how London and geezer you want the recording to sound too, if that's your sort of thing. My accent is 100% genuine.

I can do proper voice-overs, for your company, Youtube channel, whatever. I'm also more than open to saying nonsensical crap for your mates to have a laugh at, or to wind up someone on their birthday. 

I don't mind really. Whatever you fancy. Just hit me up.

I've included a picture of my street to really get you in the right mindset of an Englihman. This is what we have to put up with every day. It's so wet and cold, I'm tired, my feet hurt and the man next to me on the bus keeps talking to me even though I've got my headphones in. Bloody England.

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