I will write you a rap song

write you a rap song
write you a rap song
Merty is an excellent lyrics writer and composer. Although the order was late but I am very happy with the quality. I highly recommend him. I am certainly going to use his services again.
Reviewed by vsharma98 2 months ago
Yes, that's what I'm on...Great working with you, now we on point lol...Much Respect
Reviewed by sharonblue 4 months ago
Satisfactory Experience
Reviewed by crzypun 8 months ago
write you a rap song
write you a rap song

About This Gig

Hey I’m Merty Shango and I will write you a rap song that’s not only rhythmic and articulate but dope as f*@%. Get your songs written today! I offer a variety of services that span from birthdays, holidays, mixtapes, apps, or if you have a special request, I can do that too!  My mission is to make sure each song is creatively designed,  stimulating to the ear, and delivers a strong message.

For five bucks you will get written lyrics and for add-ons like recording, check my gig extras.

let's take your business to the next level with a theme song that has your clients singing your  tune! Music is powerful, so let's create sounds that'll leave a profound & lasting impression on your listener.

The ability to listen & enjoy music is a privilege. For that reason with each sale a percentage goes back to the deaf, who don't get to experience music like you and I.

samples: soundcloud.com/mertyshango