About This Gig

Hello, Showcaine is a vastly successful TV show and podcast that generates tens of thousands of views online and is broadcast on MNN on Time Warner Cable here in New York City to potentially MILLIONS of viewers. We are offering three different tiers of exposure. Tier 3, $5 We will scroll your message along the bottom of our ending credits.1 gig = 50 characters (or less than 15 words)
Tier 2, $25 (one gig plus the tier 2 Gig Extra) We will read your script with images displayed OR play a video you provide for UP TO 30 seconds durring our commercial break.
Tier 1, $45 (One gig plus BOTH the tier 2 AND tier 1 gig extras) This is the way to go. Not only will we mention your product/service at the top of the show, but you will become a main sponsor and be featured in the sponsor portion of the program. We will talk candidly about your product/service and provide excellent testimonial to our audience of primarily technologically inclined 18-35 Male audience. This tier will provide FANTASTIC results IMPORTANT: Please message me before you order this gig to clear your product. We only offer this tier to legitimate products we are comfortable putting our name behind.