About This Gig

♥♥ Level 2 seller ♥♥ Fast, professional and reliable service ♥♥ Imagine your static picture, graphic, photo or comic turning into LIVE-ACTION MOVIES with animations (added animation to objects (waiving hand, flying bird, etc.), special effects (rain, snow, fire, explosions, fireworks, fun appearance of objects and texts, etc. – virtually limitless possibilities). In addition, I can make number of objects on this picture INTERACTIVE. For example, you can throw off a book from a shelf, open a chest, change viewing angle, etc). I can make interactive books where the plot evolves depending on your actions. Coloring books, puzzles and mini-games can be added as well. I can make compatible with the required platform (PC, Android, Mac, IPhone, iPad) ready for AppStore, Google Play, Amazon and others. Please contact me first (prior placing an order) with the detailed explanation on what would you like to have as a result of my work and I will reply with an estimate on price and delivery timing.